Introducing our ISAs

When you open an ISA with InterestMe, you have the option to invest in either an advised ISA into one of our managed risk rated portfolios, or into our direct offer paying fixed returns over a fixed term. Whether you want to earn better returns on your existing ISA or start investing in a new ISA, contact InterestMe to discover what is the most suitable for you.

How it works

We follow these simple steps to help you to start making money on your investment:

 1.  Identify your objectives for the future

 2.  Gather information

 3.  Identify the advice that best suits you

 4.  Get invested into one of our managed risk rated portfolios

The highlights

Available for a term that suits your time horizon and attitude to risk

Transfer existing ISAs or invest in a new ISA

Invest in a new ISA from a minimum of £1,000 up to £20,000

Managed risk rated portfolios

Earn interest in a tax efficient environment

Starting an ISA?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Invest in an InterestMe Stocks & Shares ISA and start earning excellent returns.

Want to transfer your existing ISA?

Our simple, speedy process makes it easy to transfer your existing ISA to an InterestMe Stocks & Shares ISA and start getting great returns.