Introducing InterestMe Wealth

An intelligent, well maintained investment strategy plays a key role in helping you to realise your financial goals. As a forward thinking fund manager, we are both agile and thoughtful in our approach. Our aim is to make institutional quality investment services available to everyone. To do this, we apply five core principles to managing your funds.

Our Approach

Our Investment Philosophy is founded on the principle that protection of your money is just as important as the growth of your money.

Our Investment Committee take a 'top-down approach', analysing the growth trends and themes in Global Financial Markets—whilst also looking at risks associated. We then create diversified portfolios which are mapped against industry leading benchmarks.

Once your portfolio has been constructed, we ensure its ongoing success by continually managing it with the risk levels that you have chosen.

The Highlights

All portfolios are risk-rated and tailored to your needs and aspirations

Invest from just £15,000 giving you access to an investment management service usually only available to 'high net worth' investors

A holistic Wealth service for clients with portfolio values of £150,000+

Choose from a range of risk rated portfolio services aimed at meeting your investment objectives

Portfolio continuously monitored by an experienced investment manager

Our core principles

Asset Allocation

We create diverse, multi-asset class portfolios in order to weight your investments in the most beneficial way.

Strategic and Tactical

We take a strategic approach to optimise your returns and apply a tactical asset allocation overlay to make reactive decisions.

Risk and Reward

We understand the mitigation of risk is key to our clients. Our Investment Professionals spend as much time on diversifying risk as trying to attain returns.

Portfolio Tailoring

Our investment portfolios are designed around you, dependant on your aspirations, priorities and your appetite for risk and reward.

Portfolio options

We have three service offerings to choose from, depending on your needs and aspirations.

Model Portfolio Service

This is our rist-rated offering which are mapped against the industry leading Dynamic Planner risk scale; and intended for investors with time horizons of five years or more. These portfolios are built around our core philosophies of forward-looking active management and diversification. The construction of these portfolios is predominantly Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Collectives.

Personal Wealth Management Service

This service is intended for investors with portfolio values of £150,000 or greater and required a more holistic approach to their Wealth Management needs.

By working closely with with their Financial Adviser on their Investment Time Horizon and Financial Objectives, a well-diversified, Dynamic Planner risk rated portfolio is chosen.

The portfolios are actively managed and are constructed using a combination of Collective funds as well as Direct Equity stocks.

Our service commitment to you

We work hard to provide you with a professional service that is transparent, affordable and personalised.

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