Asset Allocation

The way investments are weighted among different types of asset classes in a portfolio – whether shares, bonds, cash – is widely agreed to be the biggest determinant of long-term investment performance. Our strategy therefore is to create diverse, multi-asset class portfolios and we place significant emphasis on continually monitoring the global financial markets and adjusting asset allocations dynamically.

Strategic and Tactical


Our asset allocation approach is thorough and strategic. We reference over 20 years of underlying asset class risk/return data across a broad range of investment classes, sectors and regions in our decision-making process. Using this approach, we aim to optimise the expected return for a set level of risk over the medium to long term.


In the short term, there will always be significant market opportunities we can look to take advantage of and pitfalls that we can try to avoid. Taking this into consideration, we use a tactical asset allocation overlay in order to capture these shorter-term market trends and react accordingly.

Risk and Reward

We understand that managing risk is key. Indeed, for the vast majority of our clients, the mitigation of risk is as important an objective as the maximisation of returns.

To address this need, we employ the following tactics:

  • Monitor market and asset volatility using risk analysis, rigorous back-testing and sophisticated software tools
  • All portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the agreed risk profiles are maintained over time
  • Our portfolios may allocate some high yielding listed bonds which are designed to provide a high fixed return, regardless of market volatility.

Portfolio Tailoring

Our investment portfolios are designed around you, dependant on your investment aspirations, priorities and particularly your appetite for risk and reward. We’re committed to delivering our investment services on a highly personal basis and our portfolio offering is designed with this in mind..

Core Total Return Portfolios

Our risk-rated offering for investors with time horizons of five years and over. These portfolios are built around our core philosophies of active management, enhancing yield, staying fully invested and maintaining diversification.

Passive Portfolios

Risk rated portfolios for those who want their money to grow over the longer term through an intelligently packaged portfolio with minimal tactical interventions.

Bespoke Portfolios

This service offering is for people who have a portfolio of greater than £125,000, with specific investment objectives. If you opt for this portfolio, a wealth manager will work with you to design a portfolio tailored to your needs.